Richard Astor-Hall

(Ricardo to his friends in Luna City, Rich Hall in his previous life)

A former celebrity chef, who through a chain of circumstances, finished up in Luna City, managing the Luna City Café and doing the occasional catering event.
Martin Abernathy Widower, father of Jess, more or less honorary mayor of Luna City, hereditary owner of Abernathy Hardware.
Jessica “Jess” Abernathy Daughter of Martin, qualified CPA, Air Force Reservist, and champion barrel-racer, semi-significant other to Joe Vaughn.
Benny Cordova The devious and ninja-skilled general manager of Mills Farm.
James Wyler “J.W.” Ellis* Grandson of Doc Stephen Wyler, and once boyfriend to Jess Abernathy, best friend of Chris Mayall.
Dwight David “Music Man” Garrett Coach of the Mighty Fighting Moths, and band music master, native of Kingsville, and widower.
Alberto “Berto” Gonzales A student and part-time limo driver, younger brother of Araceli Gonzalez, friend of Richard, and grandson of Abuelita Adeliza Gonzalez.
Sylvester Gonzales Gaming geek, computer nerd, USMC veteran.
Roman Gonzales


Construction contractor
Roman Romeo Gonzales Cousin of Berto and Araceli, an oilfield worker, with devastatingly romantic inclinations, amateur thespian … and an unwitting focus for strange and unearthly energies
Adeliza “Abuelita” Gonzalez The revered and feared matriarch of the Gonzales and Gonzalez clan, dedicated Food Channel watcher, and Richard’s biggest fan.
Araceli Gonzales Gonzalez Older sister of Berto, married to Patrico, mother of Angelika and Mateo, manager, assistant cook, head waitress at the Luna Café & Coffee
Patrico “Pat”Gonzalez Husband to Araceli, drives a tanker truck for an oil company in the Eagle Ford Shale Oil Field
Hernando “Nando” Gonzalez* Korean War fighter ace, local hero, for whom the high school gymnasium is named
Judith “Judy” Stillwell Grant With her husband Sefton, the owner of the Age of Aquarius Campground and Goat Farm, the last two holdouts of a 1960s commune.
Sefton Grant Husband of Judy, landlord of Richard
Katherine “Kate” Heisel A Gonzales cousin, and reporter for the Karnesville Weekly Beacon
Christopher “Chris” Mayall Manager of the Tip-Top Icehouse, Gas & Grocery, bartender at the VFW, disabled Navy veteran, and volunteer medic for the Luna City Volunteer Fire Department, best fried of J.W. Ellis, and friend of Richard.
Leticia “Miss Letty” McAllister Oldest person in Luna City by four months, WWII Red Cross service, kindergarten teacher, friend to Chris Mayall.
Douglas McAllister, Phd * Miss Letty’s older brother, professor of history, and author of history of Luna City.
Andrew Pryor



Oilfield geologist, headquartered in Karnesville, but runs small family meat processing and BBQ restaurant on weekends
Patricia Wyler Pryor




Granddaughter of Dr. Stephen Wyler and Miss Alice, married to Andrew Pryor, and active in the Luna City Players little theater.


Georg Stein Native of Germany, a retired corporate lawyer, passionate reenactor and owner of Stein’s Wild West Round-up, married to Annise.


Annise Stein Co-owner of Stein’s Wild West Round-up
Joseph “Joe” Vaughn Army veteran, local football hero, currently chief of the Luna City Police Department, and significant other to Jess Abernathy
Harry Vaughn Great-uncle of Joe Vaughn, retired federal marshal, and former police chief in a small town in Alaska
Clovis Walcott Retired US Army Reservist, currently consulting engineer, keen reenactor.
Sook “Isabel” Walcott Wife of Clovis, socially ambitious, and the tiger mother from Hell.


Jeremy Jerry Walcott Oldest child of Clovis and Sook, quietly and firmly rebellious, a student nurse and family care-giver.
Robbie Walcott Younger son of Clovis and Sook, bright and wildly curious, the eventual repository of all their ambitious hopes.
Belle Walcott



Daughter of Clovis and Sook, first trumpet in Moth Marching band.
Susannah Wyatt Regional executive manager, Venue Properties International, currently at Mills Farm, has a mad and irrational crush on Richard.


Alice Everett “Miz Alice” Wyler*



Doc Wyler’s late wife, and best friend of Miss Letty McAllister.
Collin Wyler Son of Doc Wyler and Miz Alice, father of Patricia, international financier, serial husband, and treasure-hunting enthusiast.


Stephen “Doc” Wyler Owner of the Wyler Exotic Game Ranch, a qualified veterinarian, part owner of the Café (as well as other enterprises) and second-oldest resident. Father of Collin, grandfather of Patricia Pryor and J.W. Ellis


Marigold Amy Yasbeck A student, and semi-girlfriend of Berto, formerly known as the child actress Amy Butler