The ebook will be available at the end of this week on Nook and Kindle – links posted as soon as they go live. The print version should be up by the middle of next week! And it will no longer be a secret – the identity of Richard’s unwelcome surprise visitor!

Well, the reviews are starting to trickle in for Chronicles of Luna City, and since we ended it on an almighty cliff-hanger, readers are already clamoring for the next one. My daughter and I talked it over, and seeing as I have about a third of a first draft written, and as we went all-out and finished the first one in three months flat … that we might well be able to do the next one in the same amount of time. I mean — the stories are there, they just have to be written down, and that’s a piece of cake, a walk in a park, a drive down a straight country road …

So – April, 2016 will be the release month for the Chronicles of Luna City – Book Two , which will answer the question of who is Richard’s mystery visitor, what is being plotted by the corporation who owns Mills Farm, where is — or even IF there is the treasure in gold buried hidden there by Old Charley Mills … and what is Sefton Grant up to, wandering around at midnight at the Age of Aquarius Campground and Goat Farm.

Well, not actually a week … and it’s been nearly a month since I wrote something for this here Luna City blog. Sorry … been busy as heck, doing marketing events for this book and the others. It also looks like I accidentally killed the one single genuine comment amongst the torrents of automated spam comments which usually attach to website blogs. Sorry! Didn’t mean to! Come back! It was all my fault! Sgt. Bob – where are you? 

It’s the season, you see. Makes everyone a bit wild-eyed, and that doesn’t even begin to include the shoppers at o-dark-thirty, fighting over a big-screen TV in Walmart — which is a cheap piece o’krep anyway. Sane and well-organized people go on-line on Black Friday and order gifts for delivery, if they have not shopped throughout the year with an eye towards the desires and needs of their loved ones and stashed it all in an out-of-the-way closet. But that’s just me

As for myself, we have a full schedule of Christmas events taking up our weekends, or portion of weekends. Last Saturday was in the charming historic small town of Goliad, where they celebrate Christmas on the Square with a magnificent parade on Friday evenings and a market on Saturday — and also a dog costume contest, and an author event. Some of the illustrations in Chronicles of Luna City were based on pictures taken in Goliad. (Amuse yourself by picking out exactly which ones. )

Some of the stories which are woven into the fabric of the Chronicles were first told to us by people we encountered in Goliad… So, be careful when you start telling local yarns with us, as said yarns might be woven into the next Chronicle.

As for next weekend — it’s a Santa and Chocolate festival in Helotes, just north and a little east of San Antonio. In the horse-and-buggy days, it was a whole days’ travel from San Antonio – but now it is just a hop, skip and a jump. The event is at La Escondida Event Center, Sunday afternoon from 1 to 4 PM. See you there!

My two books for the year are done – both the historical adventure, and the contemporary romp. (Two in the space of a year? Haven’t come close to that since the Adelsverein Trilogy, which was three separate books – but one single narrative – done in the space of two years, research, writing and all.) Now comes the hard graft of putting the two out in front of the reading public, via the usual internet publicity methods, and in doing Christmas market events in various small towns, and somewhat larger towns in the neighborhood of San Antonio.

Yes – writing the book is just half the job. The other half is the marketing thereof – which starts next weekend with a craft fair at the Community Activity Center in Bulverde, Texas, followed on the next weekend with the Christmas market – Weihnachtsmarkt – in New Braunfels. Weihnachtsmarkt is staged in the New Braunfels Civic Center every year as a benefit for the Sophienburg Museum and Archives. A good few years ago, they began setting up for local authors in the long hallway which leads from front to back of the Conference Center. And it’s indoors, and the tables are supplied … although, my daughter has been saying lately that if I write any more books, I will have to start getting two tables … or even buy a floor stand to display the books, and flyers and postcards about my books on. With Sunset and Steel Rails and The Chronicles of Luna City, and that doesn’t even count the German edition of Adelsverein: The Gathering, the hard-bound all-in-one volume of the Trilogy, or that first harmless little family memoir, assembled from early blog-posts and published through Booklocker in …(hastily checking copyright page of Our Grandpa Was an Alien) … 2004? Wow! Time does fly when you are having fun.

Ten books in ten years. That’s the same rate achieved by some of the professionals, although there were scribblers of pulp fiction who managed even more than that. Still, at this point in the game, every one of my books – even the YA adventure collection of Lone Star Sons, and the comic narrative set in contemporary small-town Texas – is an advertisement for all the others, historical fiction-romance-western, call them what you well.

And with that – off to work up promotional flyers for the market events. The work, as it says on those comic office signs, isn’t over until the paperwork is done …

I have added a page where the print version of The Chronicles of Luna City may be ordered directly from us. There are also links to it on Amazon. There will be links to Barnes & Noble, as soon as Chronicles is up on their website, too.

I’ve also added a page and a recipe for Abuelita Adeliza’s famous rice pudding, which is actually my Grandmother Jessie’s rice pudding. Recipes for other dishes served at the Luna Cafe and Coffee will also be posted as I unearth them from our family archives.

Cinnamon rolls … yum.

And the Chronicles will be ongoing … this first collection barely scratches the surface. The stories of so many other Lunaites remain to be told.

And they will be. Our word on it.