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  1. Greatly looking forward to Luna City V. I just had a hysterectomy and am now home recovering; promised myself this treat when the book becomes available. I have loved the excerpts you have posted.

    • Hi, Alice! (Get recovered, ASAP!) I am aiming to have the ebook version out on November 15th, the print edition shortly thereafter … and yes, there are some nice bits in A Fifth of LC! Hope your expectations of it are rewarded!

  2. Got it, read it, liked it. Needs editing. One paragraph doubled near the beginning. The time frame of the story keeps switching back and forth between summer and fall – fairly confusing. The newspapers all refer to fall, but the text mostly refers to summer. Some characters talk about events in the summer, others about the same events in the fall. It doesn’t matter to the story, as things happen in sequence, but it would be easier for the reader if the story line was consistent.