18. February 2016 · Comments Off on About the Next Luna City Chronicle… · Categories: Book News

Well, the reviews are starting to trickle in for Chronicles of Luna City, and since we ended it on an almighty cliff-hanger, readers are already clamoring for the next one. My daughter and I talked it over, and seeing as I have about a third of a first draft written, and as we went all-out and finished the first one in three months flat … that we might well be able to do the next one in the same amount of time. I mean — the stories are there, they just have to be written down, and that’s a piece of cake, a walk in a park, a drive down a straight country road …

So – April, 2016 will be the release month for the Chronicles of Luna City – Book Two¬†, which will answer the question of who is Richard’s mystery visitor, what is being plotted by the corporation who owns Mills Farm, where is — or even IF there is the¬†treasure in gold buried hidden there by Old Charley Mills … and what is Sefton Grant up to, wandering around at midnight at the Age of Aquarius Campground and Goat Farm.

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