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Well, not actually a week … and it’s been nearly a month since I wrote something for this here Luna City blog. Sorry … been busy as heck, doing marketing events for this book and the others. It also looks like I accidentally killed the one single genuine comment amongst the torrents of automated spam comments which usually attach to website blogs. Sorry! Didn’t mean to! Come back! It was all my fault! Sgt. Bob – where are you?¬†

It’s the season, you see. Makes everyone a bit wild-eyed, and that doesn’t even begin to include the shoppers at o-dark-thirty, fighting over a big-screen TV in Walmart — which is a cheap piece o’krep anyway. Sane and well-organized people go on-line on Black Friday¬†and order gifts for delivery, if they have not shopped throughout the year with an eye towards the desires and needs of their loved ones and stashed it all in an out-of-the-way closet. But that’s just me

As for myself, we have a full schedule of Christmas events taking up our weekends, or portion of weekends. Last Saturday was in the charming historic small town of Goliad, where they celebrate Christmas on the Square with a magnificent parade on Friday evenings and a market on Saturday — and also a dog costume contest, and an author event. Some of the illustrations in Chronicles of Luna City were based on pictures taken in Goliad. (Amuse yourself by picking out exactly which ones. )

Some of the stories which are woven into the fabric of the Chronicles were first told to us by people we encountered in Goliad… So, be careful when you start telling local yarns with us, as said yarns might be woven into the next Chronicle.

As for next weekend — it’s a Santa and Chocolate festival in Helotes, just north and a little east of San Antonio. In the horse-and-buggy days, it was a whole days’ travel from San Antonio – but now it is just a hop, skip and a jump. The event is at La Escondida Event Center, Sunday afternoon from 1 to 4 PM. See you there!

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